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Our Digital Asset Platform

About Us

NextHash, founded in 2018, is a London based global entity that has built a global digital asset platform with its own Exchange and Liquidity to provide the best match for professional and new categories of retail investors

Our Core Team

Ana Bencic

President and Founder

Andrea Raimondi

Vice President

Daniele Mensi

Chief Executive Officer

Ervin Nadarevic

Financial Analyst

Mark Kelly

Regulatory advisory
More team

Stojan Vasilev

Core Developer

Tadeja Skrt

Graphic Designer

Davide Cankar

Head of Office

Matjaz Andric

Back Office Department

Matija Stulac

Back Office Department

Leon Soric


Yuliia Lorenchich

Business Assistant

Matjaz Ivanusa

Chief of External Relations

Lenart Kmetic

Legal Specialist

Tatiana Withanage

PR Manager
Cyber security team with decades of experience is undisclosed for security reasons.


Nexthash Group LTD,

London, UK

Nexthash PLC,

London, UK

Nexthash Tech LTD,

London, UK

Nexthash d.o.o.,

Izola, Slovenija

Nexthash LTD,

Msida, Malta

Nexinterexchange OÜ,

Tallinn, Estonia

Nexthash SA,

Breganzona, Switzerland

Nexthash Commercial Brokers LLC,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nexthash CO INC,

Boston, USA

Nexinter LTD,

Limassol, Cyprus

Nexthash PTE LTD,

Singapore, Singapore

Nexthash d.o.o.,

Beograd, Serbia