Collect NFTs And Be A Part Of The Greatest Digital Revolution

The world of investments is an ever-changing and fast-paced world. It is a world in which technological development is happening t such a speed that it can almost be seen as a digital revolution. And the newest buzzword in this digital revolution is NFTs. NFTs are Non-fungible Tokens. These NFTs are digital assets that are representative of real-world items such as music, art, and videos. 

These NFTs are traded online and are frequently traded using cryptocurrencies. But the question remains as to what exactly is an NFT? Well, NFTs are one-of-a-kind assets that are stored on the blockchain. These assets are secure and trustworthy due to the fact that they are stored on the blockchain and the owner of the NFT is the only one who can decide on who has access to the NFTs. This is one reason it has become so popular to collect NFTs. 

Why are some NFTs so valuable?

NFTs hit the digital world hard in 2020 but got real traction in the world of collectors in 2021, with sales of these NFTs reaching $25 billion. That is a massive amount of money that investors are spending to collect NFTs. One of the main reasons for these NFTs being so expensive and therefore extremely popular with investors is their unique nature.

Just as a piece of art by a famous artist like Van Gogh or a famous piece of music by Beethoven is unique and one of a kind, so are these NFTs. And just as lovers of art and music collect these pieces of art and music, so do investors collect NFTs.     

There are other reasons, apart from the fact that NFTs are original and non-transferable, that make them so expensive and that makes it so attractive to investors to collect NFTs. Perhaps one of the most important of these factors is the future value of the NFTs. 

NFTs are minted, or created, using blockchain technology and then put up for sale on a digital marketplace. Once these NFTs have been created they can never be changed or altered in any way, and this guarantees their exclusive nature and is another reason that people choose to collect NFTs. 

Apart from investors who simply want to collect NFTs for the sake of accumulating assets, there are other investors who use them as shorter-term profit-generating assets and trade them like stocks. Much as they would trade stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. 

What sort of NFTs should you buy?

Before you jump in and start to collect NFTs of your own, it is important to understand what sorts of NFTs are out there. This will lead to a better understanding of which NFTs you should choose to buy. 

Because an NFT can be created on the blockchain from basically anything that can be stored as data the options to collect NFTs are boundless. From music to art to NFTs created from games the variety is endless. It has even become exceedingly popular for iconic sports stars to mint NFTs using their most memorable moments from the sport that they practice. These can include championship winning goals from football heroes to whopping sixes hit by well-known cricket players. This makes it clear why collectors of sports memorabilia would also choose to collect NFTs of this nature. 

If we break it down, there are essentially nine different types of NFTs. Perhaps the most well-known and popular is art. Investors who are looking to invest have really opened the market for these digital artworks and for connoisseurs waiting to collect NFTs. NFTs can also be created from music, in-game content, trading cards and collectible items. Memorable moments in sports have been minted into NFTs and you can now even collect NFTs that are created from memes and domain names. 

There really is something for everyone who is looking to collect NFTs, you could even purchase and collect NFTs of an online fashion nature. You will never be able to actually wear the items that you buy, but your avatar will be donned in the latest fashion trends. Even more, mind-blowing are the miscellaneous items that are being minted inti NFTs, in 2021 for example a tweet was minted into an NFT and sold. 

Where to get your collectors' NFTs?

With all of these options available to anyone who wants to collect NFTs, maybe the most crucial factor to weigh into your decision of which NFTs to collect is not only what NFTs you choose but where you choose to collect them from. Perhaps it is more important to find a marketplace that has a variety of NFTS and a marketplace that stays relative and on-trend with the developing technology in this space. 

This is where Singularifty comes in. Singularifty is an NFT marketplace brought to the toy by Nexthash and is set to be one of the leading sports NFT marketplaces. Nexthash has teamed up with not only iconic athletes but also sports teams to create an extensive market for those looking for a sound investment and those simply wanting to collect NFTs. 

Singularifty is the king of Sports NFTs

Should you choose to collect NFTs from the sports world then the Singularifty marketplace from Nexthash is definitely the place to start and end your search. Nexthash is teaming up with some major players in the sports arena to bring you valuable NFTs that are suited to both those choosing to invest in NFTs and those individuals that only wish to collect NFTs. 

There is no time like the present to get in on the game and start to collect NFTs that will become invaluable in your collection of sports memorabilia but will also grow in value and may just turn into a quite sizable collection. So, whether you choose to start to collect NFTs today or tomorrow Singularifty is the marketplace to go to collect NFTs of substance and value. An added benefit is that not only will you be able to collect NFTs, but you can also make the world a better place, as Singularifty has as one of its core values the betterment of impoverished communities.