How To Buy Sports NFTS And Make Your Investment Count?

Are you a college baseball or football athlete? Perhaps you’re an NBA player or a financially wise fan? Whatever your sports background, NFTs have undoubtedly revolutionized our perception of memorabilia and investments. 

In the past few years, sports NFTs have become a predominant method of acquiring collectibles via blockchain-based platforms. They take various forms, including photos, clips, and other digital representations of vital moments in sports history. What sets NFTs different from their traditional counterparts is that they provide proof of exceptional equity. The right to an image, audio snippet, or any virtual capture enables the owner to trade the asset without any restrictions.

Now, you probably wonder how to buy sports NFTs? Platforms like NextHash have already accepted the challenge and offer their members unique NFT sports collectibles. Below, we demystify the idea of digital memorabilia and help you find the best spot to buy, sell, and trade valuable assets.

Why Invest In Sports NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens exploit superior blockchain features to fortify sporting assets in many ways. But before you learn how to buy sports NFTs, let’s explore the benefits you get from investing in them.

•    Collecting digital assets is a novelty in the virtual space and gaining traction fast. Being among the first supporters of the trend will increase return on investments.
•    Some sports NFT are rare, and scarcity increases demand. Tokenising unique items boosts their value over time.
•    Non-fungible tokens live on the blockchain and are non-replicable. Hence, the risk of getting damaged, lost, or stolen is highly improbable, unlike physical memorabilia.
•    Digital assets are secure, and ownership authentication is efficient. On top of that, transfer and storage are less expensive, seamless, and available 24/7.
•    Fans can connect with sports idols directly. Since there’s no need for intermediaries, NFTs facilitate a transparent market for enthusiasts to interact with their favorite teams and athletes. Plus, they can purchase various assets that grant them special privileges.
•    NFT buying platforms are highly organized and accessible at all times. Many compare them to safety deposit boxes containing digital items and relevant data about previous ownerships and pricing history.
•    NFT markets are liquid, so many users purchase collectibles to generate profit.

What NFT Platform To Choose?

The number of marketplaces selling sport-related NFTs is continually growing. Though some are more promising and boast high trading volumes, others offer more value for your buck. 

It might be savvy to start your NFT investment journey with trading desks that sell sports non-fungible tokens like NextHash. Besides offering a detailed how-to buy sports NFTs guide, this marketplace strives to become your investment partner. Here, we list a few other sports NFT marketplaces worth considering.


Sorare is a football-centered platform with activities based on a fantasy game. Active players can purchase, sell, and manage their favorite virtual team with digital trading cards. The story began in 2018 when Sorare used Ethereum to link the online community to its idols.

Sorare cooperates with 230 football teams, with new names added every week. The most prominent brands include Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool, and PSG. The essence of the platform is collecting digital cards issued in the following manner:

•    One unique per season,
•    Ten super rare per season,
•    100 rare per season, and
•    1000 limited per season.

The so-called Managers can make five-player teams and earn money based on the performance of athletes in real life. They can also earn weekly prizes by competing against other users.

This January, the NFT featuring Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund striker) sold for $687,000 and set the latest Sorare record. Previously, Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT went for over $400,000 at an online auction.

Formula One Collectibles

F1® Delta Time is a blockchain-based game on the Ethereum network where fans collect NFT cars, drivers, race tracks, and tires. The ultimate goal of F1 Delta Time players is to participate in tournaments using NFT assets.

The high value of these collectibles is due to the limited supply and tiered rarity. Also, members must use the native token Revv to purchase non-fungible tokens. A year ago, the legendary F1 Delta Time Car sold for $270.000. Currently, the top-selling NFTs of F1® Delta Time cap at $9.700.

NBA Highlights Collectibles

Thanks to the collaboration with Dapper Labs, NBA brought historic basketball moments to the blockchain. More precisely, its NBA Top Shot collection consists of tokenised basketball highlights. 

NBA NFT videos fetch impressive amounts, as evidenced by LeBron James dunk. The top shot went for $535,000, while Ja Morant’s dunk for $475,000. What collectors like about the platform is the chance to use traditional payment methods.

Invest In Sports NFTs With Great Potential

Since the NFT craze shows no signs of slowing down, you might be wrong not to embrace the trend. Using the opportunity to purchase sports NFTs might prove your best virtual investment so far. So, before we reveal how to buy sports NFTs, let’s consider what collectibles you should be investing in.

First, focus on rare non-fungibles with limited supply. Unique memorabilia are even more lucrative. Such digital assets often bring rewards and grant special privileges. So besides the potential for higher revenue, you get to indulge in extra perks.

Second, consider investing in NFTs with famous sports moments. These can include highlights, images, or trading cards of world-class athletes. Alternatively, collect items of teams that have been around for decades and get the support of millions of fans across the globe.

How To Buy Sports NFTs in 2022?

NextHash created a Singularifty NFT platform as a multi-functional blockchain-based portfolio. Besides unique sports NFTs, fans can learn how to mint and set up their NFT assets and marketplaces. Once registered, you can sell, trade, and distribute various non-fungible tokens. 

Initially, all you need to do is visit the Singularifty platform and check the step-by-step guide. The d is easy to navigate and helps members to customize and store their NFT collections.