Why is choosing crypto solutions for your business important?

Cryptocurrency is a modern type of digital currency that can be traded against various products and services you may want to acquire. Individuals can utilize this peer-to-peer system to transfer and receive payments without relying on banks to verify the transactions. Companies such as NextHash provide options to purchase ‘tokens’ as a form of investment. Various companies have unique tokens that can be only used to get their company products and services. Visit NextHash to learn more about their products and services by clicking here.

 Crypto Solutions of the New Era

Crypto harnesses the power of blockchain to keep records of transactions in ‘blocks’ with timestamps. Crypto solutions can provide a lot of benefits to your business in terms of hassle-free transactions that are secured by two-way authentication. Read this article to know how crypto solutions can help your business.

 A Brief Crypto History

Before the current recurrence of cryptocurrencies, many attempts at establishing a digital form of currency had not received widespread traction. These ideas propagated from U.S and Netherlands in the early 1980's. Digicash may be the first recognizable digital currency to fail in the 1990's.

Later Paypal and its competitor companies came into existence and started using a hybrid model. They conducted secure transactions digitally within their system of available currencies. Paypal is still a major part of online and international business to date.

Many other attempts to develop currencies like cryptocurrencies were attempted. These include B-Money, Hash Cash, Floz, and Bit Gold. One of the biggest names in early cryptocurrency era, was created by a computer scientist and mathematician David Choum, who later played a role in the development of Bitcoin as well. But the true origins of Bitcoin remain somewhat mysterious.

Growth and Development in the Crypto Space

The crypto economy has achieved significant milestones in the last 2 years, leading to a record growth in crypto digital assets. The industry is expected to accelerate even after the bull markets are finished. Below are some of the hallmarks of development in the crypto industry the last six months.

  • The administration of the Venmo application announced adding crypto support to their application on 20th April 2021. It became part of a long list of companies and businesses that have started recognizing virtual currencies and introducing options on their platforms.
  • As announced in the first week of April 2021, Square Inc. will serve as the voice of the fidelity and will "communicate cryptocurrency" to policymakers, regulators, and the public worldwide through the Crypto Council for Innovation.
  • Goldman Sachs announced the availability of crypto funds for its wealthy customers. It was a great step towards accepting the use of virtual currency as an institution. They will soon be ready to provide their wealthy client base with an opportunity to invest in the cryptocurrency markets.
  • On March 30, 2021, PayPal announced that it had begun allowing US customers to pay with their cryptocurrency holdings at millions of online merchants internationally. It will allow the customers who have virtual currency in their digital wallets to make purchases. This check-out feature is based on PayPal's offer to buy, sell and place cryptocurrencies, which was only launched in October last year.
  • A few days before the PayPal news, Tesla Inc. has now announced that it will begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. PayPal technology strengthens fiat currency transactions, limiting any risk to merchants, including bitcoin to be used for Tesla car payments. High price volatility and the associated solvency risk have led to wider acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In early February 2021, Tesla announced that it had invested $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin to "further divide and increase" the available funds in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) files. Elon Musk is sponsoring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an influential business leader.
  • At the end of March 2021, Visa announced that the cryptocurrency USD Coin would allow a stable cryptocurrency to translate directly into US dollars to pay transactions on its payment network. As part of the driving system, the payment network will work with the crypto.com platform and digital asset bank, Anchorage.
  • On 18th March 18, 2021, New York Mellon Bank, one of the world's biggest childcare banks, invested in cryptocurrency custody company Fireblocks, which is considered a market leader in the provision of secure technology support to digital asset services. At the start of this year, BNY Mellon announced that it would be providing crypto storage, specifically Bitcoin services and to its customers. BNY Mellon intends to utilize Fireblock’s technology to function as a digital asset keeper on behalf of institutional investors.
  • The recycled digital assets of Facebook, Fireblocks owned by Dime, is expected to be launched in 2021. The Facebook digital money project, known as Libra, has been in operation since 2019 and has overcome many obstacles, especially regulators. Despite the challenges, concerns about the medium-sized telecommunications giant remain.

With these developments, crypto solutions are becoming more and more popular and are being introduced in various large businesses worldwide.

What can NextHash do for your business?

NextHash is a well-renowned global organization with several entities all over the world that utilizes blockchain technology to integrate the financial industry with 'digital securities'. To comply with all financial directives, the company has obtained several financial licenses for it's crypto solutions. By providing investors with the options of purchasing ‘tokens’, NextHash aims at empowering investors to actively participate in the process for value creation. To learn more about NextHash and their all-around crypto solutions, click here.

Why Choosing NextHash is the best decision you’ll ever make?

NextHash offers unparalleled hassle-free access to crypto trading to investors that are new to the new security tokens world.

Some of the exciting features offered by NextHash include:

  1. NextHash Crypto Payment Processor

NextHash payment processor is utilized by payment providers to securely and seamlessly integrate crypto solutions to receive payments. This exciting multiple blockchain solutions offers incredible security and easy integration.

  1. NextHash Crypto OTC

OTC is mandatory for all institutional traders who do not want to miss out on good investment opportunities. Crypto assets can be seamlessly traded between buyers and sellers.

  1. Exchange

NextHash Exchange is a holistic fiat-crypto exchange, granted with an official license. Digital assets can be easily bought, sold, exchanged, and traded in real-time. Deposits are accepted from credit cards, wire transfers, and much more!

Hopefully, your awareness of crypto solutions has increased slightly after reading this article. Visit NextHash to learn more about how crypto solutions can help skyrocket your business to a success story.