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Singularifty Platform


The digital age has given us several inventions already, and the technology hype is just getting started. Many of these inventions have the potential to completely change our lives and the way we function as a society. One of the most notable inventions in the early 21st century has definitely been blockchain technology. Blockchain as a revolution in data security has helped many other industries like sports and art to spread and develop even more rapidly and is directly responsible for new products like NFT sports collectibles. NFTs products have exploded and taken over the digital world. From art, music to collectibles, these digital assets are selling like crazy and NFTs are well on its way to become a billion-dollar industry in the next few years.

Blockchain technology and NFTs are now giving artists and content creators a unique opportunity to monetize their skills. They no longer have to rely on galleries or record labels to sell their art. Instead, content creators can now sell their products directly to the consumer, packaged in an NFT. This is an entirely new business model, which also means, all original creators will be able keep most of the profits. It also means that anyone can now invest in projects like for instance NFT sports collectibles and earn interest along the way.

That is why Nexthash has decided to create a platform, which will allow anyone to invest in digital collectibles and digital art. The Singularifty Platform will not only support the content creators, but also enable new revenue stream opportunities to anyone who would like to invest in the newest form of digital art and other scarce collectibles.

What exactly is an NFT?


NFT is short for “non-fungible token,” which in other words also means “a one-of-a-kind token.” An NFT is essentially a digital file that, works based on blockchain technology. However, one thing that differentiates NFTs from cryptocurrency is that NFT tokens are unique and cannot be copied. Therefore, an NFT ownership can often constitute a digital certificate of ownership, so NFTs are also used to confirm that a given file is original because of its scarcity attributes.

They are also often used to certify that a given work of digital art is original and hasn’t been tampered with. In other words, even if there are many copies of the same file already existing on the market, the NFT mechanism can identify the original file. NFTs and blockchain technology are currently used across many industries and for various purposes such as art, entertainment, music, fashion, real estate, as NFT sports collectibles and much more. These one-of-a-kind digital tokens often come in various forms of digital files such as graphics, tweets, songs, videos, etc.

NFTs and the crypto industry


Blockchain technology is fundamentally secure, decentralized, globally accessible, and designed for individual empowerment and wealth growth. The combination of blockchain technology and NFTs enables any investor a full range of investments in a diversified portfolio, while also benefiting creators and artists along the way. Investors in NFT sports collectibles for instance, can clearly see what they are investing in, as they can confirm the assets validity through its unique identity signature. This assures that the investment contract cannot be changed or falsified. This new technology is enabling a new age of secure investing, while bringing new investment opportunities closer to the average investors and various collectors.

Content on NFTs can also not be censored. No institution, corporation, or government can truly change, block, or falsify the content on the blockchain. The original data remains intact on the blockchain, which means any NFT sports collectibles sold on Singularifty or any other NFT platform, is guaranteed to be an original.

Why Are NFTs gaining in popularity?


Even though the NFT phenomena appeared on the market relatively recently, the industry has gained immense in popularity as well as in market value. NFTs have become a revolutionary way of creating and selling unique digital and physical items, as most of our day-to-day interactions are getting digitized with the development of technology. NFTs are being collected and sold to art, sports and music fans who are willing to be a part of the journey and become the owners or co-owners of unique digital collections of their favorite artists or sports teams. There is no doubt that NFTs owe their popularity to their innovative nature that breaks the so-far established conventions of art, music, fashion, NFT sports collectibles and many more.

Forming a relationship with an artist or a favorite sports superstar is highly valuable to collectors in the NFT space. What better way to cherish a piece of sports history than with the scarce NFT sports collectibles? Nexthash is determined to bring sports, music, and art closer to the fans, with the ease of purchasing emerging new collectible items with a new platform called the Singularifty platform.

Why should you buy NFT sports collectibles on Singularifty?


Singularifty offers its users that are new to the NFT space, a step-by-step guide to their platform along with all the necessary tools that will make the NFT experience easy and as smooth as possible. On the platform itself, there are tips and explanations on how to claim and transfer NFTs with the help of the Metamask tool, which allows users to store and manage account keys, broadcast transactions, send and receive Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies along with NFT tokens and which enables a secure connectivity to decentralized applications through a compatible web browser or a mobile app's built-in browser extension.

Buying NFT sports collectibles is now easier as ever before. Visit the Singularifty platform to see which limited supply NFTs are currently available for purchase and make sure you don't miss out on all the profits. If you regret on missing out on large crypto gains, don't miss out on the NFT mania that is just beginning. Visit the Singularifty platform today!

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