Blockchain payment gateway

If you've been searching for a partner that will help you integrate crypto solutions into your existing infrastructure or help to create a new one, Nexthash is here to help.

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Who needs it and what it does?

Gateway to the future.

Our blockchain payment gateway software is used for existing or in-development web and mobile application support, that wish to integrate crypto balances and payments (in BTC, ETH, tokens, etc.) into their products or services. This feature can be added either by integrating a third-party solution or by using your own payment processor under your which you control. This significantly increases the security and the transactions speed and reduces the payment costs.

This stand-alone blockchain payment gateway middleware software creates and manages blockchain transactions, controls their broadcasting to the other blockchain networks, checks transaction confirmations, parses blocks and transactions, and handles security. It is designed to support crypto balances, deposits, withdrawals, payments, internal transactions, tracking of transaction costs on all mainstream blockchain networks (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash ABC). The communication with a web / mobile application takes place through API/REST protocols. A significant improvement in security and scalability is established with a set of custom blockchain nodes, which ensure a proper synchronization with each and seperate blockchain network.

Security is further enhanced by using concepts of Hot/Cold Storage, where only a fraction of the cryptocurrency assets is available for instant transactions (Hot) and the rest is securely stored in offline secured blockchain wallets (Cold).

Blockchain Integrations

Integrate with the latest blockchain technology.


Support for internal transactions (deposits from exchanges), token deposits and withdrawals, smart contract querying, smart contract transaction execution, Ethereum event handling.
Offline raw transaction signing (private keys on platform).
Support for external transaction signing (coming soon).
Ability to use Ethereum node clusters to provide high availability.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin-based forks (BCH, LTC, DASH...)

Deposits and withdrawals.
Raw transaction signing.
High availability through our node cluster.

In active development

EOS, Tezos, Ripple, Stellar.

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