Turnkey ICO solutions

Having your own cryptocurrency is what most new age companies in tech and in digital space are striving for. Now you there's a way to create your own crypto ecosystems and with the help of our solutions, you'll be sending your own crypto tokens in no time. Design and choose between many available turnkey ICO solutions.

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Crowdsale ICO platforms

ICO / Crowdsale Platforms

When a digital company decides to create, sell and distribute its own cryptocurrency, it needs to execute several steps along the way. Most of the turnkey ICO solutions, can be completely automated. Web applications for collecting payments or contributions must be stable, safe, scalable, user friendly and they have to be delivered in a timely manner. A company's founding team usually sets up several selling stages (pre-sale, bonuses) along with the terms of the sale; all of these aspects must be suitably supported for any ICO platforms. The accompanying processes, such as identifying the contributors and the origins of their contributions (Know Your Customer & Anti Money Laundering verification) and connecting them with their personal blockchain addresses, should also be fully automated.

Crowdsale or ICO platforms must fully include the automated processes of registering the contributors, with all personal info and the process of collecting their crypto contributions and investments, either with stand-alone payment processors or with customized smart contracts on the blockchain. The accompanying manual processes such as establishing a new cryptocurrency through developing and deploying a smart contract and the token distribution after the calculation period are executed in the funding period.

The founding team oversees the processes through the Admin Panel (UI); this is where the platform users can be managed and the verification process (KYC & AML) is executed. In the case of a stand-alone payment processor, the platform will issue unique contributing blockchain address, where the users can deposit their crypto contributions (e.g. ETH, BTC). The platform records each deposit and re-transfers it to a safer environment (blockchain address) called a Cold Storage or perhaps to an online exchange business account in order to exchange this deposit for other crypto or fiat assets.

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Blockchain airdrops & Analytics

Blockchain Analytics & Airdrop

Blockchain-related companies are always in need of statistical analysis or visualizations of their cryptocurrency / token distribution, or maybe they would just like to create unique or unconventional marketing campaigns, statistical analyses, distribution studies and velocity graphs. These products are useful tools for understanding a company’s cryptocurrency performance at trading, utilization, transaction frequency, etc. A blockchain airdrop is a marketing campaign in the form of a promotional distribution of cryptocurrencies among the existing blockchain addresses, catering to various marketing approaches.

Blockchain analysis is performed by parsing and analyzing all the blocks on a particular blockchain, that contain transactions related to the specific cryptocurrency. Our aggregation and time analysis will enable a visualization of the data and thus a better insight into what happens with a cryptocurrency after its initial distribution. Blockchain airdrop campaigns are excecuted in two stages. First, we analyze a blockchain and identify potential recipient addresses, according to the set of filters and rules determined in accordance with your marketing plan. Then, we distribute the cryptocurrency amount reserved for your airdrop campaign among the identified addresses.

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