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NextHash is a global entity comprised of several units across the world that combine the traditional financial industry with brand new digital asset class called digital securities, by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. The company has established a global presence to obtain financial licenses in various jurisdictions to fully comply with the all financial directives and address the worldwide markets.

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Payment Processor

Nexthash payment processor monitors different cryptocurrencies on multiple blockchains, extracts transaction data and generates new cryptocurrency transactions on demand.

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OTC is a must-have for all institutional traders, who want to stop missing out on good investment opportunities because of the traditional financial hurdles.

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NexInter exchange is a fully regulated fiat crypto exchange with a custodian license, where you can buy, sell, trade and exchange various digital assets based on the real time market value.

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Nexinter Token

The future of tokenization

With NIXT tokens holders will be able to purchase security tokens under the same conditions as professional investors to current and future benefits of being among the first to join. Nexinter is envisioning a future where anyone can be a self-taught investor and participate in the value creation process.

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Nexinter exchange

A platform that traders call home

If you’re a trader and looking for a platform that’s specializing in fast and secure high volume trading, you’ve come to the right place. Choose an exchange that offers a one of a kind user experience.

Low fees

Lowest trading and transaction fees

Excellent user experience

All in one dashboard with tools

Multi trading pairs

Multiple crypto pairs trading

Hack-proof processor

Highly secured payment gateway

Best blockchain security

Secure algorithms in all transactions

24/7 customer support

24/7 contact support center

Nexinter Payment Processor

Multiple blockchain solution

Nexthash payment processor is a software application used by payment providers for easy and secure integration options of crypto payments into their custom solutions. Blockchain-based payments methods are continuously advancing towards mainstream use. Choose security, choose Nexhash.

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About Us

What is NextHash

NextHash is a global entity comprised of several units across the financial industry.

Under the brand Nexinter, we have created a state-of-the-art blockchain platform that allows easy and liquid access to crypto trading with frictionless integration for institutional investors and family offices to the new security tokens world.

Nexthash Group LTD,
London, UK
Nexthash PLC,
London, UK
Nexthash Tech LTD,
London, UK
Nexthash d.o.o.,
Izola, Slovenija
Nexthash LTD,
Msida, Malta
Tallinn, Estonia
Nexthash SA,
Breganzona, Switzerland
Nexthash Commercial Brokers LLC,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nexthash CO INC,
Boston, USA
Nexinter LTD,
Limassol, Cyprus
Nexthash PTE LTD,
Singapore, Singapore
Nexthash d.o.o.,
Beograd, Serbia