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Nexthash Labs is offering custom made turnkey solutions for any company trying to complement and improve its efficiency and security with the implementation of blockchain tecnhology. The future is here, so don't miss it.

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Blockchain security with Blockchain-protected database

Blockchain-Protected Database

Our software is taking snapshots of your database or recent transactions multiple times a day and creating a cryptographic signature of your private data. By exporting and storing the data on a public blockchain ledger, a database manager can transparently share any information with all of your stakeholders through block explorers, without violating any blockchain security protocols.

This way, any unauthorized change of the past database records would be clearly visible and provable. The software safely stores and secures the data, so any possible changes of the data itself would not produce the same cryptographic signature of the snapshot as originally stored on a blockchain, thus proving that the original data was tempered with.

With the help of our solution, your database managers can now periodically take snapshots of your database and store a cryptographic signature on a public or consortium blockchain, where all of the stakeholders have access and viewing permission to recheck these signatures themselves.

Bd not produce the same cryptographic signature of the snapshot as originally stored on a blockchain.

Blockchain-secured Login

Blockchain-secured Login

Web or mobile platforms that need to will enable secured logins to users or other software systems can also authenticate by signing a blockchain transaction. Sharing your passwords in plain sight is risky, so cryptographic registration platforms have implemented the option of secured logins only with sharing your public key. This increases security as the users or applications can store their private keys in a safe blockchain wallet and only use them when signing transactions at logins.

A web or a mobile platform stores your user-generated public keys on your private blockchain. When registering as a user with our solution, you do not need to generate and remember any passwords. All you need to do is sign a transaction with your blockchain private key. After that, a public key is extracted from the signed transaction and stored on a blockchain. When you return and sign another transaction with your private key, the web/ mobile platform can check if your signature for secured login is identical to the one stored on a public key.

Ethereum Vesting Smart Contracts

Ethereum Vesting Smart Contracts

The founding team of the crypto ICO and STO related projects, can now create a self-regulating rule for distributing their own newly established cryptocurrency among the founders, the team, the advisors and the rest of the investors. With our Ethereum smart contract solution, these rewards can be temporarily locked on a custom smart contract and can gradually be released to their owners in time, thus preventing the owners from dumping the entire cryptocurrency amount on an online exchange at the end of the ICO / crowdfunding period.

Our newest Ethereum smart contract vesting solution enables cryptocurrency rewards to be distributed among specially developed and deployed smart contracts, after your token generation event is finished. The smart contracts will lock the total cryptocurrency amount and release a certain percentage of funds at each preset time period. After the time period has passed, only the owner can claim the released cryptocurrency on a personal blockchain wallet. Smart contracts can be adjusted according to the vesting plans publicly announced upon the ICO or in the White paper. This is how all of the stakeholders are transparently rewarded and this is the process describing how they can access their rewards with accordance with the preset rules.

Private Blockchain

Private Chain

When a client's transaction rates are high and the costs for transaction fees on public blockchain networks are unaffordable, a private blockchain network with securely maintained nodes and a custom consensus mechanism is the best option you can choose. A completely private or restricted network can store transaction data in the form of an immutable ledger through a broadcast similar to that of the data of public networks. Due to high integrity and the synchronization between the private nodes, the throughput of the transactions can significantly increase, and the block confirmation times can be shortened due to fast propagation of data.

A private blockchain network is an immutable distributed data storage maintained by private master-nodes. Custom smart contracts can store and index data transactions in a distributed ledger, but the network synchronization enables simple sharing of the data itself between master-nodes located on different physical locations. By connecting middleware software simultaneously, much faster transaction per second (TPS) rates can be achieved. Due to the implementation of the proof-of-authority consensus mechanism, confirming blocks becomes a fast and a very cost efficient process.

Decentralised Identity System

Decentralised Identity System

Digital identities can belong to a person, a company or a hardware computer. They can all use their private keys as a proof of identity linked with their personal data, privileges, rights, authorizations, etc. Stored on private or public blockchain networks, our decentralized identity system can help applications and users to collaborate, exchange or share data, links, services or track the actions between the previously mentioned actions.

Every person, a company, a computer capable of generating and registering a public key, can link its identity to the metadata in the registration process. Our identity system software records and stores metadata and connects it with a public key, coupling them permanently. When a specific person or a device uses this public key (i.e. signs a transaction with a private key) in any kind of action (data storage, purchase order, legal contract signature), this action is directly coupled with the metadata of this entity.

With digital identities, we can easily manage and secure access to all platforms, systems, services and data exchanges. Moreover, your private and public keys can be generated independently from the platform.

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