What is NextHash crypto OTC trading platform?

Crypto OTC is simply a term for trading crypto assets directly between buyers and sellers. Trades can take place through the crypto assets (trading Tether for Bitcoin) or fiat-to-crypto (trading dollars, euros or pounds for Bitcoin and vice versa). It’s very similar to classic broker and trading markets where big institutions daily trade penny stocks, but the technology of the crypto industry is way more advanced.

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Since buying or selling large amounts of crypto assets could turn out to be a quite difficult task, NextHash is here to make your job a lot easier. For example, if you were to try to buy a few hundred Bitcoins, you could run into a lot of issues.

Even if a large corporation attempted to buy all of the assets on one exchange, odds are that no single user or entity will be able to sell hundreds of Bitcoins at once. The crypto environment are nothing like traditional brokers who trade penny stocks and other forms of financial assets. With volume the liquidity can quickly become an issue, so the larger asset buyers usually need to fill their buy orders from multiple sellers. If an institution was still attempting to buy in only one exchange, they would get a certain percentage of the asset at the going market rate, but would end up buying the larger portion of the remaining buying order at a significantly higher price. The expression for this particular example is known as “slippage” in the trading circles. Slippage occurs when you run out of people selling at normal market price, causing your buying orders to “slip” quite a bit further than the original market price.

To avoid slippage from happening, large buyers are better off spreading their share of purchased assets to multiple exchanges. Buying smaller amounts of BTC in our example, at the best available price on different exchanges is the only way the buying order price would almost match. But doing this on your own would be very difficult, since it would require a buyer to pass all onboarding procedures, which means spending a lot of time executing each individual trade and timing it all together. Not to mention the charges for every single transaction fee for every trade that they would make. Sounds complicated right?

Not really. If large volume buyers contact our NextHash OTC trading platform, we can offer them a single quote price order, if they accept the terms we’ll be sending them the ordered amounts of crypto assets in the matter of minutes. It’s as simple as that. Since NextHash is specializing in dealing with problems of sourcing large amounts of crypto, through us and with the help of our team, you’ll be able to buy as much cryptocurrency as you desire. You order, NextHash provides. Click here and contact us for more information.

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NextHash is a crypto broker with the perfect platform for any high net worth players that are looking for quick and easy buying or selling options of larger share of specific crypto assets. The OTC platform is tailor made individuals, institutions, VC and hedge funds that are planning to invest in crypto. OTC platforms are also frequently trading with each other.

Out OTC trading platform is often times used by miners as well (the individuals who get paid to run computers that secure networks like the Bitcoin network, use OTC platforms to convert crypto into their local fiat currencies in order to pay their operating expenses. Crypto platforms like NextHash did not yet exist a few years ago. Now there are multiple operating crypto platforms on a global scale, that are trading billions of dollars every quarter, which can tell us just how much this industry has grown since the bitcoin network launched twelve years ago. While the billions of dollars traded in crypto can’t compare yet to the trillion dollar volumes of traditional markets, there remains tremendous room for growth and potential. As existing crypto market shows exceptional growth year after year, NextHash OTC trading platform will be on top of this digital revolution, keeping the markets moving into the right direction. Commodities, futures and institutions still trying trade penny stocks like they did decades ago, will get swallowed by the growing crypto technology innovations. Don’t let this happen to you, act now and adapt.

OTC Marketplace – The Pros and Cons

Lower your risk, invest the right way.

Investors should always take great care when investing in crypto assets, since they are mostly speculation investments. For this reason, investors must consider their investment risk anytime they decide to put money into the crypto markets. However, with the added risk of cryptocurrency comes the possibility of much greater returns that we normally witness in traditional markets.

The NextHash OTC crypto platform is also a great alternative for smaller crypto assets and companies, who do not want to list their crypto asset on the standard exchanges or who can’t afford to pay substantial listing fees to well established platforms. Listings with the standard crypto brokers can be an expensive and time-consuming process and is usually outside the financial capabilities of many smaller organizations that decide to create their own crypto assets and tokens.

No matter if you are a buyer or a seller or you just want to trade securities or just bigger volumes of cryptocurrencies, NextHash is the place for you. Register today!

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