Is Crypto OTC Exchange The Best Option For Large Buyers?

Following the latest global events, investors have become warier of fiat currencies and gradually shifted their attention to Bitcoin. As a result, blockchain assets have taken the lead as speculative investments with monumental performance. The widespread coverage in the mainstream media has further enticed traders of all sizes to delve into the realm of cryptocurrency. Though many traders buy small amounts, the market of entities looking to invest in significant crypto quantities is constantly growing. Hence, the formation of different virtual structures to provide value for investors with loaded bank balances.

One of the most straightforward methods to buy and sell Bitcoin is through a crypto OTC exchange. But is this viable for crypto whales who crave sizeable purchases? How can they circumvent order maximums and get the best price for investments over $10,000? This post resolves the dilemma of why someone should invest in cryptocurrencies and why a crypto OTC exchange is the best alternative. It also navigates you through the steps of buying digital assets for average investors and large-sized institutions.

Why Should Anyone Invest In Crypto?

The most impressive upside of cryptocurrencies is the detachment from a central intermediary. Traders store the cryptographic keys themselves and are the only ones who control the blockchain address. Thanks to distributed ledgers, industries such as banking, healthcare, shipping, and tourism can engage in novel economic activities. The advent of crypto assets is a real game-changer that supports the future of technology and offers high returns. Many crypto whales have recognized the potential of blockchain technology and are, therefore, amassing Bitcoin. The unique immutability feature of cryptocurrency is what makes it a significant liability. 

Another advantage of investing in cryptocurrency through a crypto OTC exchange is the reliable, long-term store of value. Bitcoin, for example, has a limited supply of 21 million capped by mathematical algorithms. Hence, investors can use this built-in scarcity as an inflation hedge. No political body or government can dilute Bitcoin’s value through inflation.  Finally, buying cryptocurrencies on a crypto OTC exchange enables global decentralisation. This shift will, in turn, eliminate the need for centralized financial institutions, exorbitant fees, and oversight. So, anyone worried about hyperinflation or bank failures can mitigate risks by purchasing the so-called digital gold. With its censorship-resistant and deflationary properties, Bitcoin’s value will grow as demand increases.

What Is The Best Way To Invest For An Average Investor?

Once you jump on the crypto bandwagon, you need to define a sound investment strategy. Every cryptocurrency is different, so purchasing involves an asset-specific approach. However, there’s overall guidance you can consider, provided you invest in crypto for profit. Here are the steps:

1. Choose A Crypto OTC Exchange

Your investment journey begins by picking a reliable exchange to be your partner in excellence. At this point, you might also want to decide which cryptocurrencies you’ll be buying and open an account. The most prominent options for a crypto OTC exchange include Binance, Nexinter, Kraken, Gemini, and itBit. 

2. Buy Preferred Cryptocurrencies

Traders can purchase cryptos with a standard credit or debit card. Other options are also available on prominent platforms. In most cases, you can choose between several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Note that a single asset might be worth thousands of dollars. Hence, average first-time investors are usually looking to buy a fraction.

3. Store Them In A “Wallet”

The crypto OTC exchange will provide you with a virtual wallet to store purchased cryptos. Overall, both software and hardware wallets can hold your cryptocurrency codes. The former is a software program needed for active trading you get when opening the account. The latter is a physical device like a USB drive, which is more secure if you’re interested in a significant crypto portion.

Where Can Large Institutions Invest? 

Your best shot for a sizeable crypto investment is a conventional trading platform or a crypto OTC exchange. While both options have pros and cons, buyers should focus on more efficient methods with the highest ROI possible.

Conventional Crypto Exchanges

Platforms like Coinbase and Kraken offer a straightforward way to buy cryptocurrencies. Besides being centralised, these exchanges act as intermediaries and enable trading based on current market prices. Moreover, all ask and bid options are available in a public order book.

The benefits of traditional exchanges include large trading volumes, simplicity of procedures, and various digital assets. However, the lack of liquidity, theft risks, withdrawal limits, and slippages may dissuade potential investors from buying on centralised platforms.

Over-the-Counter Exchanges

Fully regulated OTC exchanges offer several vital advantages to traders. They grant lower all-in costs for trading cryptocurrency and don’t charge spread mark-ups. In addition, a crypto OTC exchange such as Nexinter enables faster trading, higher limits, and better value for money. Unlike popular options, such as Binance, itBit, and Huobi, Nexinter offers the best combination of price, choice, and service. 

Why Is A Crypto OTC Exchange The Best Option?

Typically, eager investors prefer a one-stop-shop platform that multiplies and safeguards their assets. Let’s list the numerous benefits of investing through an over-the-counter exchange.
•    Massive gain opportunity. Besides other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is a super-performing investable asset with a promising skyward trajectory.
•    Faster trading. Unlike conventional exchanges that might take days to fill a large order due to insufficient liquidity, OTC trading enables efficient transactions.
•    Fair pricing structure. Most OTC exchanges set reasonable transaction fees and offer special discounts for high-volume traders.
•    Technology support. Blockchain technology has enhanced the operation of multiple sectors, including fintech, healthcare, and supply chains. Your crypto investment can help these industries thrive.

Nexinter Is The Ideal Place For Many Large Volume Buyers

A crypto OTC exchange like Nexinter offers its clients higher liquidity, which removes the slippage risk and lowers the total transaction cost. We specialise in high-volume trades and can easily facilitate orders of $100,000 or higher. Our client base is constantly growing thanks to the competitive prices and loyalty affiliate programs. Last, Nexinter takes pride in multi-trading pairs, so you’re bound to have an excellent user experience.