Is There a Global Crypto Exchange That Everyone Should Try?

Before we look at the options, we now have in the global crypto exchange market we need to first understand how the crypto market has changed over recent years. In the early stages of crypto there was just bitcoin and Ethereum, then hundreds of altcoins, altcoins are all of the other coins other than bitcoin. And although there were all these new coins and tokens, many had different technology in the chain design or the way they handle security. But fundamentally the only investment option was to buy low and sell high. Then there came options trading that allowed traders to also make money on falling markets. But although we all know that Ethereum was designed and built with smart contracts in mind, it is only in the last few years that they have really taken hold, including the creation of a whole load of new businesses and innovations that are based on smart contract technology. Some include completely new financial instruments that allow traders to get into markets like lending and insurance and many other industries that have been revolutionized by smart contacts. But it is not just Ethereum that offers smart contact technology, there is an increasing number of other crypto platforms that are now supplying smart contract services such as Solana, EOS, Tezos, and Cardano all blockchains that have support for smart contracts. Smart contracts are self-executing code that runs on the blockchain that allows a designer to hard wire in functionality that executes when certain conditions are met. They have now completely revolutionized some industries and have given us many more products for crypto investors and traders to work with. This in turn has meant that any global crypto exchange now must operate with a vast number of different coins and tokens if they are to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of crypto.

The ins and outs of crypto exchanges

There is now a wide choice when it comes to selecting a global crypto exchange. The exchange or exchanges that you select for your own use will depend largely on several factors. One is the type of assets you will be buying and selling, in other words, will it be bitcoin, obscure altcoins, smart contract chains for investing in NFTs, or other smart products. Will you be using it from a mobile or mostly on a computer? Will you be just buying or selling or are you looking for margin trading-like options? Do you work heavily with technical analyses and need sophisticated charting functionality? Are you a beginner that prefers a simplified approach or are you an advanced user that needs complex functionality? And are you looking for a highly secure platform? All these things need to be considered when selecting a crypto exchange, and it may be that you need to open accounts across several exchanges in order to meet all of your needs. So let us look at what options we have in 2022 when it comes to selecting a global crypto exchange.

What are the best global crypto exchanges in 2022?

This is a selection of some of the major global crypto exchanges that you may want to consider depending on your requirements. It may well be that you benefit from or need to have accounts with a few of these. That is not going to cause any problem because none of them charge a fee for opening an account. But some do reduce their fees when you hit certain monthly transaction levels, so that is worth keeping an eye on. 


This is one of the long-standing exchanges and is very easy to use for beginners although the fees are not the best.


A more recent entry but still easy to use and so good for newcomers.


One of the best overall global crypto exchanges with low transaction fees simple operation and high security.

If you want to work mainly from a mobile app and have an attached credit card with a range of perks is a useful account to open.


If you are looking for an exchange with a wide range of altcoins, you won’t be disappointed with BitMart which has a truly mind-boggling array of coins available.


KuCoin is probably the next one you should consider if you are looking to trade obscure and sometimes risky altcoins.


Binance global crypto exchange is one of the most popular all-around global crypto exchanges and is worth checking out.


Kraken is a more sophisticated trading platform with advanced charting and leveraged trading options, probably not for the beginner.

Why is Nexinter one of the most underrated global crypto exchanges

Nexinter global crypto exchange is a NextHash product, it represents a breath of fresh air in the exchange market with easy operation combined with a balance of advanced functionality for those that need it. It offers low transaction fees and a powerful and highly secure trading platform, whether you are dropping in just to buy some Eth to load your MetaMask wallet or staying on the platform for long periods of time to trade. You will find that you have everything you need to get started quickly and also to handle the more complex trading scenarios. 

NextHash comes with a suite of services that complement and are complemented by Nexinter global crypto exchange. Also offered in an OTC trading desk that can execute complex or large trades on your behalf, this avoids the need to spread large trades across multiple exchanges. It gives you a single fixed price for your entire trade. There is also Singularifty NFT trading platform for you all your NFT needs.
All in all, NextHash offers a one-stop shop for all your crypto trading needs and a world-class global crypto exchange to boot. 

Sign up to NextHash and Nexinter today or contact us for more information.