New NFT Platforms That Everyone Should Know About

Times have changed dramatically, and the world has taken a completely different route to digitalisation. Embracing an innovative approach to how humans perceive art and collectibles today, NFT projects have come forward as a unique turning point.

The non-fungibles hype set the entire globe on fire. And to support the demand, new NFT platforms are continually taking the plunge. Above all, they allow people to boost digital currencies by buying, selling, and trading virtual art, photos, music, and videos.

What do you think; why has the desire to collect virtual art become so popular? Considering examples like that of a man who spent $6.6 million for Beeple’s video, the trend becomes even more perplexing. Hence, this article attempts to resolve all your dilemmas about the NFT craze and what items are gaining steam. It also lists the most promising new NFT platforms on the marketplace to help you make an informed decision.

The Rise Of The NFT Space

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs stand for unique items that can’t get interchanged. Unlike Bitcoins that are fungible, and when you trade one, you get the same thing back, the NFT concept is different. For instance, when you swap digital artwork with another piece, you obtain something distinct. 

As of 2014, non-fungible tokens have gained unprecedented popularity worldwide. Gradually, new NFT platforms that enable the purchase and sale of these items appeared to match their growth.

The research carried out in 2021 showed that people spent over $75 million on NFTs over one month only. So, your thoughts about the excitement with virtual collectibles are on the right track. Besides digital art, NFTs can also include trading cards, sports highlights, music, and tweets. Yes, you’ve read that well. Do you recall Twitter’s founder selling his tweet for almost $3 million?

Why Are People Going Crazy For NFTs?

New-age enthusiasts believe the NFT mania is due to the surged value of cryptocurrencies and the distrust of fiat ones. As a result, many tech-savvy individuals have started exploring the new space. Here are some benefits you get by investing in NFTs on new NFT platforms.

Value Boost

The underlying reason for the NFTs craze comes down to gamification and use in blockchain games. Moreover, experts reckon non-fungible tokens have a bright future and might prove an intelligent investment decision. With the prices of popular NFTs increasing daily, it’s no surprise that some people have made millions out of digital art.


NFTs are unique and owning something so rare invokes joy. Being the holder of an item that can’t get copied or replicated is overwhelming, too. Another advantage is the possibility to procure one-of-a-kind assets online without travelling across the ocean.


Humans have a herd mentality and tend to blend in with the community. Thus, if our friends or colleagues invest in NFTs, we instantly follow the lead. Moreover, some NFTs have sentimental value for those who collect sports and music memorabilia.


People indulge in luxury items and interpret those as status symbols. In short, they strive to get recognised by showing off their belongings that nobody else can obtain. Undoubtedly, buying authentic goods makes us proud and gives us a sense of accomplishment. In the crypto realm, this is ‘flexing’.

What Sorts Of NFTs Exist On The Market?

Discussions about the available NFTs on online platforms remain open beside the speculations for new ones emerging. Below, we list the most notable NFT variants in the marketplace.


The combo of creativity and technology popped out as NFT artwork. Moreover, programmable arts make up 99% of all non-fungible tokens today. Since artists are most prone to embrace novelty and controversy, they were quick to capitalise on the trend and sell their works for millions. Virtual artwork can include digital paintings, GIFs, and videos. 

Trading Cards

The concept of buying and selling memorabilia isn’t new. And trading virtual cards as collectibles has quickly gained traction. The first NFT project was the Cryptokitties in 2017. Nowadays, the market abounds with different trading cards and collectibles listed by various companies.


Music and media files can now get converted and linked to NFTs, whereby one individual holds the ownership of the piece. Music tokenization is beneficial for artists as it allows them to keep 100% of their earnings and offer premium experiences. Plus, they can reach new audiences and loyal followers directly.

In-Games Features

Game developers took an incredible interest in NFTs and spurred their development. Non-fungible tokens help in-game economies grow through immutable ownership of in-game items. In the process, users get to earn characters, treasures, and skins but not the game. The sale of limited editions to players who want to possess exclusive assets is also appealing.

Sports Moments

Another way new NFT platforms offer unforgettable sports moments is through short video clips. What matters in this instance is the historical significance of the highlight. The most renowned NFTs feature ground-breaking slam dunks and game-changing touchdowns.

Tangible Assets

The prospects of using NFTs as real-world tokens aren’t far-fetched. The cryptographic ownership proof enabled by NFTs can also tokenize real-world assets, like real estate or luxury items. NFT deeds for buying material assets are viable, too.

New NFT Platforms Worth Your Attention

Anima combines NFTs with augmented reality into tokens for its camera metaverse. The platform dropped several NFTs on Nifty Gateway, and thanks to AR, users can interact with their non-fungibles as if they were real.

Voice is one of the new NFT platforms that specialise in creating carbon neutral NFTs. This marketplace allows you to the mint for free. In addition, Voice teamed up with art and culture leaders to let creative minds connect with fans.

Finally, Bitski rose with the support of stars like the Winklevoss brothers, Jay-Z, and Serena Williams. Users can own, create, and sell unique digital content, including custom AR skins for gaming apps and art with integrated royalty schemes. Golden tickets with access to exclusive content and NFTs for real-world items are also available.

Where To Get New NFTs Today

The variety of new NFT platforms may confuse investors and traders who pursue a reliable marketplace for selling and buying NFT art. That’s where NextHash NFT Marketplace Singularifty comes into play. The platform offers state-of-the-art tools and features that create an exceptional NFT trading experience.
Singularifty allows members to pay with crypto or fiat assets and has a reasonable fee structure. Once registered and verified, users can mint their NFTs and invest in high-yielding tokens from sports giants and clubs.