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Nexthash has been featured in many coverages of influential financial media houses, regarding their breakthroughs in harnessing the power of blockchain technology. Since their state-of-the-art technology and blockchain platform allows easy and liquid access to crypto trading with a single goal of frictionless integration, the company has been getting a lot of attention in the financial technology industry.

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Is Crypto OTC Trading Platform the Best Tool for Institutions?

Are you on the lookout for the best OTC trading platform on the crypto market? Go for NextHash to see your assets grow fast and safely.

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How Can ICO Solutions Lead to Potential Capital Investments?

ICO solutions are becoming increasingly popular among startups and cryptocurrency investors. Click here to find out how ICOs work.

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Buy Crypto OTC and Invest in Your Future the Smart Way

If you buy crypto OTC with NextHash, you can trade larger cryptocurrency volumes with less exchange risk. Click here to learn more about buying crypto OTC.

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How Can an OTC Cryptocurrency Broker Help Your Institution?

Click here to find out what are the advantages of using an OTC cryptocurrency broker to trade large amounts of cryptocurrency.

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What is OTC Trading in Crypto and How Does it Work?

Are you wondering what is OTC trading in crypto, how does it work and how you can start using it? Click here to find out.

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Is Private Blockchain Network Changing the Security Game?

Learn what is blockchain technology, how it is implemented, and what is the difference between a public and private blockchain network. Click here.

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What is OTC Bitcoin and who can it be used by?

OTC Bitcoin trading helps you to avoid the hassle of dealing with a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. Click here to use our excellent OTC trading services.

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Payment Fraud Prevention for all Digital Businesses

Online Payment Fraud is on the rise with small businesses suffering the most. Find out how to recognize these frauds and ways Nexthash can help prevent this.

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Blockhain Payment Processing is taking over the World

Businesses are adopting the new style of payment using blockchain payment processing. It is safer, faster and error-free. To get started, visit Nexthash now!

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Smart contract technology is on the brink of worldwide adoption

Smart contract technology has solved most of the world’s technological problems giving organizations a fast and safe way to operate. Visit to find out more.

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Join the leaders of smart contract technology

Blockchain and Smart contract technology has evolved with more businesses adopting it. Providing a more secure way to operate, find out how Nexthash can help!

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Why is choosing crypto solutions for your business important?

NextHash Crypto Solutions are aimed at maximizing your business success! Read this post and know all about the exciting Crypto solutions we offer!

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Interested in OTC crypto exchange for large volume players?

Explore what OTC crypto Exchange can offer to buyers of large volumes of crypto. Click here to learn more about NextHash’s OTC Crypto Exchange solutions!

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Nexthash among the leaders of blockchain solution providers

Nexthash offers technologically advanced blockchain solutions and applications to businesses worldwide. Click here to find out how Nexthash can help you!

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How to implement blockchain and transform your business?

Learning how to implement blockchain can positively impact your business. From crypto and security to data distribution, find out how Nexthash can help you!

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Regulated vs. unregulated crypto exchanges

With the appearance of Security Token Offerings (STOs), the drive toward legal compliance is enhanced and many exchanges have applied for regulation to be able to list this type of tokens. Requiring much tighter regulation than Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), STOs are also likely to attract institutional money which was until now hesitant to enter crypto markets due to lack of financial supervision. 

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Why you should always trade on a regulated exchange

The first question you should ask before opening an account on a crypto exchange is: How does this platform ensure consumer and investor protection? From the investor’s standpoint there are two major risks related to the crypto account on an exchange — the funds may get either stolen or frozen.

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Liechtenstein’s regulators: Security tokens demand special consideration

On 10th October this year Liechtenstein’s Financial Market Authority (FMA) issued a warning stating that a Swiss-based crypto platform is not an exchange licensed by them and therefore not authorized to provide financial services subject to licensing in and from Lichtenstein, which was contrary to what was stated on the platform’s website.

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