Crypto OTC Dubai - Best Place To Buy Crypto When In Dubai?

Cryptocurrencies are somewhat of an enigma for most people. We watched them doing very little from their beginning in 2009 until around 2017. Then there was an impressive spurt of growth in value. Suddenly cryptocurrencies became a lot more credible.  Since this surge in 2017, all the major cryptocurrencies have passed through bull and bear phases much like the stock market. Millions made and millions lost. Sometimes within a day or two. 

Be aware though, after a decade of crypto, there is one thing you can bank on – they're not going to go away. Love them or fear them, they are here to stay. And again, much like the stock market, cryptocurrencies may well follow a general upward trend over the long term.  This offers the perfect opportunity to crypto OTC Dubai investors.  Decca Records once turned down a recording deal with the Beatles. Kodak thumbed its nose at the concept of the digital camera. Two of the biggest missed opportunities in the history of business. Some believe that cryptocurrency is such an opportunity. If you have any spare cash lying around, cryptocurrency may not be the worst place you can put it.  

Investing in crypto in 2022?

With the proliferation of cryptocurrencies as well as exchanges or marketplaces where they can be traded, investing in cryptocurrencies is really very easy.  What is difficult about it is how to choose the currency you invest in. 

There are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies right now. There are probably hundreds of use cases for cryptocurrencies. Some experts believe that many cryptocurrencies will eventually fail because they do not have a sustainable use or the technology gets overtaken by others. This is the challenge of investing in crypto. Picking the few that will rise to the top. For your best crypto OTC Dubai choices, partnering with the correct service provider is very important. You need a partner with good liquidity, low service fees, a range of flexible payment options and quick transaction processing.

What are OTC markets?

The cryptocurrency market has developed and diversified substantially is the last year or two. As a tradable commodity, many exchanges or broker-type platforms have been launched. Most exchanges are completely generic and automated. Hundreds of buyers and sellers are online simultaneously and the platform matches them based on certain fixed parameters. For crypto OTC Dubai investors, this is not the ideal platform.

More recently, over-the-counter trading (OTC) has emerged to offer a far more personalized trading opportunity. OTC trades are concluded directly between the buyer and seller. The parties are usually brought together by a broker or OTC dealer. 

The role of a crypto OTC dealer is to find a buyer and seller who have matching requirements and to provide the mechanism for the deal to be struck.  OTC deals are not regulated, and they do not affect the market price or any other market dynamic. Most OTC deals are high-value deals made by big players in the industry. This is a good fit for crypto OTC Dubai investors.

Many of the more established and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges cater to OTC trades. Selecting this option will put you in direct contact with an intermediary who will make a note of your requirement and then attempt to find your match. 

When should you buy crypto OTC?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you're a crypto OTC Dubai investor planning a substantial investment, OTC is the safest way to go. This ensures that you have the best chance of getting the correct currency in the correct quantity and at the correct price. 

Because these deals take place directly between the buyer and seller, only the OTC dealer needs to know any of the transaction details. So, if you want to invest discreetly, you would also opt for the OTC route. 

As with the stock market, very large deals have a tendency to move the market and create volatility that may be detrimental to some smaller investors in the short term. Because OTC deals are private, they have no impact on the open market. 

Where to buy crypto OTC in Dubai?

Finding a reputable and reliable crypto OTC Dubai dealer has become a little easier. Some of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges are now offering an OTC option. With some solid OTC experience, the dealers also better geared to set up deals that meets their clients' expectations. Let's take a quick look at the best OTC desks.
•    Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. The OTC desk supports around 75 cryptocurrencies and tokens and deals in almost 50 fiat currencies too. The minimum deal size of $10,000 also allows smaller investors to benefit from OTC trading.
•    Coinbase is another household name in the crypto space. Coinbase was chosen to broker acquisitions of almost $2 billion for Tesla and MicroStrategy.
•    Kraken supports almost 50 cryptocurrencies as well as all the major fiat currencies. The $100,000 minimum deal size, however, effectively limits the platform to institutional or high net worth investors.
•    NexInter is the crypto exchange arm of the NextHash Group. The OTC desk offers bespoke trades at very competitive rates. This community focused dealer is also looking to introduce a loyalty rewards program and special discounts on high volume transactions. NexInter is fully regulated under European Union legislation.  
•    Satstreet is a fast-growing broker based in Canada and registered with the National Financial Transactions Agency. The minimum transaction value is  $25,000 which does allow access to some smaller investors.   

Nexinter Exchange is the best place for crypto OTC Dubai

Being a part of the NextHash Group, the NexInter Exchange is the perfect platform for crypto investors in Dubai. The exchange offers deals both between crypto-to-crypto pairs or crypto to fiat pairs. NexInter also offers its own proprietary token that leverages in-depth financial knowledge and extensive connections.
In addition to the crypto OTC trading platform, NexInter investors are also able to access the traditional crypto exchange, a sophisticated, low-cost payment processing platform and Singularifty, a dedicated marketplace for NFTs. 

NexInter aims to position itself as” the most liquid, user-friendly and competitive end-to-end Digital Security Offering Platform in the world” while maintaining a focus on compliance and security. For crypto OTC Dubai, NexInter has your back.