Crypto OTC Australia - Best Place To Buy Crypto Down Under?

Since Circle appeared in 2014, the global industry has seen a massive shift from trading on traditional crypto exchanges to OTC platforms. Today, an ever-growing number of traders rely heavily on over-the-counter desks for amplifying their assets. Yet, quantifying the transaction volumes is highly improbable, considering the number of deals behind closed doors. 

Rough estimates hint that OTC transfers surpass those executed at regular crypto exchanges two or threefold. Hence, many Australian high-net-worth investors and institutions that order over $100,000 have been focusing on OTC markets. Besides finding cryptocurrencies at more affordable rates, they enjoy enhanced safety and privacy. 

As a result, crypto OTC Australia continues to gain popularity in elite investor circles. New desks with improved functionalities and advanced tools emerge to meet the demand. In 2022, more than ever, crypto whales and even low-net individuals are joining the crypto scape without obstacles.

So, how did OTC trading develop in Australia, and when is the best time to invest? What are the most respectable OTC trading platforms for Aussies? Keep reading to find out detailed information before you start your investment journey.

Crypto OTC Australia Regulations

The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, or AUSTRAC, introduced ground-breaking laws for digital exchanges in the country in April 2018. These regulations focused on more robust anti-money laundering (AML) measures and anti-terrorism financing in the crypto realm.

According to the regulations, crypto exchanges must register with AUSTRAC first, follow KYC/AML rules, monitor transactions, and report malicious accounts. Since then, many digital currency platforms have started operating in Australia. DCEs such as Coinbase, Nexinter, and Binance offer direct exchanges from fiat to crypto on their platforms. Once registered, users can trade on OTC markets available at legit crypto platforms.

The Crypto OTC Space In Australia

Over the past few years, Aussies have witnessed a staggering growth in the number of OTC crypto exchanges. Heavyweights, including CoinSpot, Nexinter, Bitcoin, and Binance, offer investors a convenient gateway to buy crypto OTC Australia using the national currency AUD. 
Most of these platforms take pride in top-notch security and extensive ranges of digital assets. Moreover, they offer low trading fees and almost zero slippages. Users can rely on safe fiat-to-crypto gateways and multiple payment options in AUD, including direct bank transfers, Cash payments, BPAY, POLi, and PayID.

Who Should Buy Crypto OTC And When?

Crypto OTC platforms are lucrative interfaces for high-volume investors, corporations, hedge funds, and private wealth managers. So-called crypto whales, these buyers have significant capital bases and can purchase amounts ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 per transaction. 

Promising unlisted enterprises can also engage in OTC trading unless the desk or agent sets a transaction limit. Conversely, crypto miners are the primary sellers in the crypto OTC Australia domain.

The ideal time to invest in cryptocurrencies is when prices go down. However, timing the market and predicting when prices will fall is almost impossible. Instead, consider setting a price drop of, for example, 10% to buy crypto assets. When this percentage happens, go on and buy the token. The best way to keep an eye on prices is to set alerts and get notified of the latest highs and lows. 

Overall, choosing the right investment assets is critical. A reliable OTC platform with experienced agents can help you in the process. They follow peaks and troughs closely and, therefore, can strike the most profitable deals at the perfect timing. Crypto markets are highly volatile, so it’s best to entrust your assets to a professional. Finally, don’t underestimate newly listed cryptocurrencies since their value can reach incredible figures.

Where To Buy Crypto OTC Down Under?

Since the choice of desks to buy crypto OTC Australia is extensive, traders should exercise extra care. The ultimate choice will depend on what they expect to get from the investment.


CoinSpot offers a large selection of over 360 cryptocurrencies to buy with Australian dollars. Depending on your circumstances, you can pick the standard option and purchase directly from the exchange or sellers. Alternatively, choose OTC Trades for a lower commission on sizeable transactions. 

The minimum order amount is $50,000, and deposit methods range from bank transfers, POLi, PayID, and BPAY to cryptocurrency and cash. Generally, CoinSpot is a secure crypto OTC desk with a satisfactory user experience. 

Nexinter Exchange

Nexinter is another excellent option for crypto OTC Australia. It offers personalised OTC concierge services at competitive transaction and trading fees. In short, the platform considers your requirements before drafting a fail-proof investment strategy tailored to your needs. 

Thanks to the deep insight of its seasoned agents and the penetration on global markets, Nexinter ensures the slippage is unnoticeable. Moreover, your security when executing large-volume purchases is a top priority for Nexinter.  


Swyftx is a trustworthy over-the-counter exchange trading with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 280 other digital assets. The desk specialises in OTC trading services for institutions, high net worth individuals, and SMSFS interested in orders that might disrupt market prices.
In addition, Swyftx boasts industry-leading experts for crypto OTC Australia that offer fast transaction settlement and ongoing support.

Nexinter The Friendliest Way To Buy Crypto OTC In Australia

Are you looking for a fully regulated exchange in Australia to purchase a considerable amount of digital assets? Do you prefer to stay anonymous in the process and enjoy 100% hack-proof security? Choose Nexinter and get to pick from multiple trading pairs, both fiat and crypto.

Its expert team cooperates with many global industry providers, including crypto OTC Australia. This way, the desk can minimise its spread and process orders without drawing market attention.

Nexinter takes deposits from credit card payments, cryptocurrencies, and wire transfers. Finally, users enjoy maximum support around the clock via email, phone, and live chat. All you need to do is open an account with Nexinter and strike the best deal under your terms.