Crypto OTC Singapore – The Easiest Way To Buy Crypto In Singapore

If you live in Singapore, you’ve probably heard that cryptocurrencies are considerably shaping the finance space. But if you’re new to the crypto world, taking a few considerations into account is critical. Above all, you must explore what trading exchange to pick and how to time your purchase.

So let’s start from the beginning. Over-the-counter trading allows interested buyers and sellers to enter the crypto market without obstacles. Unlike traditional exchanges, OTC trading desks operate as a broker-dealer network. Hence, they guarantee enhanced privacy and a higher return on investments. In addition, OTC platforms facilitate larger-scale transactions compared to conventional exchanges.

So, what is the crypto OTC Singapore like in 2022? Are there any restrictions to trading, and what platform to choose to invest your assets? This article offers insight into pressing crypto matters relevant for large orders.

Crypto Regulations In Singapore In 2022

At present, Singapore is Asia’s cryptocurrency hub. The country has developed a welcoming attitude towards advanced technologies right from the start. In 2014, Singapore first started regulating the usage of digital assets when the rest of the world was still reluctant about the idea. As early as 2016, the government approved exploiting the distributed ledger technology for financial services. 

Singapore is a step ahead by ensuring crypto OTC Singapore has a friendly environment to thrive. The authorities have regulated the area and adopted laws to deal with illegal activities. As a result, the crypto market enjoys great support as long as trading desks introduce and follow robust rules.

MAS is Singapore’s central authority in charge of the cryptocurrency sector. Therefore, licensing requirements are strict, and OTC trading desks must comply with KYC/AML/CFT rules. Moreover, crypto exchanges in Singapore operate under the Payment Services Act and are on an exemption list.

What Do Crypto OTC Markets Look Like In Singapore?

Trading on a reliable exchange will satisfy most trading needs of low-net individuals and companies. However, things are different for large-scale orders (S$100,000+). Undoubtedly, clients will get the most for their money by investing through a crypto OTC Singapore. Why is that so?

Minimal Slippage

Using a crypto OTC Singapore service will ensure you avoid market slippage when making a large order. In short, the gap between the lowest and the actual price for the requested volume will remain stable. Since your purchase doesn’t get listed on public exchanges for everyone to see, executing OTC transactions will save you on slippage costs.

Enhanced Privacy

OTC orders are private and anonymous. They remain invisible to the market because they don’t get reported. Hence, there’s no way to signal the network and cause prices to drop. Moreover, purchasing through crypto OTC Singapore offers a more personalised service which is unheard of in the case of traditional exchanges.

More Liquidity 

OTC platforms grant access to higher liquidity by tapping into broad networks of institutional crypto traders, including corporations, hedge funds, and miners. Considering the growing demand for cryptocurrencies, OTC brokers can provide versatile assets.

Fast Transactions

OTC desks allow users to trade large volumes in one go. While regular exchanges impose limits per transaction, no such ceilings exist in over-the-counter trades. Plus, response times are quick, and settlements run faster due to the one-on-one deals.

Who And When Should Someone Buy Crypto OTC?

Though individuals and smaller enterprises can also engage, OTC trading is ideal for high-net-worth entities. Since some OTC desks set a trading limit, low-scale firms may not qualify. Crypto whales, including corporative buyers with considerable capital bases, are best suited because trading amounts usually range from S$20,000 to S$100,000. 

As for timing, cryptocurrencies are volatile and experience frequent ups and downs. Hence, many buyers go to extremes to time their investments and get the best possible price. But identifying specific windows to buy crypto assets isn’t that straightforward. People across the world trade cryptocurrencies 24/7, and conditions often change in seconds.

f you want to invest in crypto OTC Singapore, consider working with seasoned OTC brokers. Platforms like Nexinter analyse the history of various investment types to help you make an informed decision. They tailor your purchase depending on whether you want to generate short or long-term gains. Plus, you will enjoy boosted security and protection from hacks and data misuse.

Where To Buy Crypto OTC When In Singapore?

The choice of OTC desks in Singapore is extensive, so investors should make their pick carefully. Consider the following over-the-counter exchanges and select the one that best suits your needs. 

Independent Reserve

As of 2013, Independent Reserve is a trusted OTC exchange in Singapore. It was the first crypto exchange targeting institutional investors to get licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

The platform caters to SMSFs, retail users, and institutions. On it, traders can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other cryptocurrencies. Besides Xfers, the desk accepts payments in SGD, AUD, USD, and NZD. Independent Reserve specialises in large purchases over S$50,000.

Nexinter Exchange

Nexinter is another top pick for crypto OTC Singapore. It offers personalised over-the-counter trading services at reasonable prices in global frames. You get settled the same day discreetly and safely, thanks to the efficient investment strategy tailored by the desk. 
The platform has introduced measures to secure your portfolio and data from unauthorised access. It takes pride in experienced agents with insight into global markets.  

AscendEX Crypto Exchange

Established in 2018, AscendEX or BitMax has a substantial experience in investment banking and stock markets. In addition, the exchange offers OTC services and trading for bulk orders. Fiat to crypto purchases and earning passive income on crypto assets are also available. Finally, users can enjoy a user-friendly interface.

Nexinter Exchange Is The Best Solution For Crypto OTC Singapore

Nexinter is a crypto OTC trading desk that offers high liquidity through an individual approach. So, if you’re an institutional investor or high-net-worth client who intends to fill a large order, we got your back. Our professional team will ensure your transaction doesn’t disrupt open market prices.

We can become your partner whether you want to trade Bitcoin or other digital assets for S$50,000, S$1,000,000, or more. Our industry-leading OTC platform guarantees seamless execution and quick settlement services at ultra-competitive rates.